Our teams benefits

PLAIN AND SIMPLE CASH Remove any worries you have with ease. The offer we will provide you will be a full cash offer with no strings attached that will be closed ASAP.
SET YOU FREE FROM YOUR LAND If you no longer have use for your land, tired of paying taxes, unable to sell your land, seeking an easy solution to selling land, tired of waiting months for your land to sell, or simply need some cash, then we are here to solve your problem to help set you free.
ZERO FEES You will pay none of the typical fees that you normally would if selling on your own: NO Listing Fees, NO Advertising Costs, NO Photo costs, NO Broker Fees, NO Title Fees, NO Escrow Fees, NO Deed/Doc prep fees, NO Recording Fees, NO Transfer Taxes.
WE PAY YOUR BACK TAXES Yes, if any back taxes are owed, we will pay them off for you once we purchase your land as long as they are within reason.
NO OBLIGATION At no point during the offer process will we ever force you to accept our offer. Once you are comfortable with selling your land, you can simply sign the purchase agreement and you can be on your way to land freedom
UTILIZE NATIONAL TITLE/ESCROW COMPANIES The title companies we use are nationally recognized companies that are known for doing detailed and prompt research on properties to allow for a smooth transaction. The escrow agents keep a close tie with the title companies to ensure all necessary paperwork is completed.

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After filling out the form on the front page, we will automatically receive a notification of your details and commence the review of your property. Leveraging the county assessor office, property history databases, and research on similar land in the vicinity, we calculate our offer for your land.


Once we have confirmed that your property fulfills our requirements, we will reach out to you by phone or email to discuss the offer. Our offers are a no hassle cash offer significantly below market value, but with the added benefit of a no hassle sale.


If you accept the offer amount provided, you can proceed to sign the purchase agreement sent along with the offer. The agreement helps to formalize the purchase price along with any other necessary conditions for the sale to complete.


Once the deed is signed in front of the mobile notary, we will immediately provide you with a cashiers check in your hands for the full amount agreed upon. We will also record the deed at the county to document the sale. Congratulations, you have now successfully sold your land worry free!


Once the title search returns clean, all that is required now is a few signatures on your end. We will provide a mobile notary service that will come to you to sign the documents. In this way, there is no need for you to travel to complete the sale. Even better, we pay for all the costs involved and arrange all the necessary documents for you. In other words, we make it easy.

Title Search

Once we have received your signed agreement, we will request a title examination on the property through a nationally recognized title company to ensure there are no liens on the property. We have a large network of title professionals that help research the title to your property and help to arrange closing.


Learn something new


Is Sell Land Easy a Real Estate Agency?

Sell Land Easy is a real estate investment firm (not a real estate agency) helping people sell their unwanted land. We try to remove middlemen out of the process wherever possible, which means you do not have to work with realtors, banks, title companies and lawyers to sell your property.


Do I Need an Real Estate Agent to Buy or Sell Land?

We have made it easy to complete the transaction process by utilizing straightforward contracts with very little legal jargon. You generally do not need a real estate agent to buy or sell real estate. In fact, it removes additional time and cost overhead compared to direct sales. We only have four parties for our land deals: the buyer, seller, title company, and notary.


What Information do you need to research or buy my property?

We really don’t need much! Our Sell Land Easy form on the front page requires you to list the name the property is listed under with the county, your contact information, and the state and county the property is located in. Adding additional information is recommended and filling out the form as completely as possible will help us research your property and get you an offer in less time.


Why shouldn’t I just sell this land on my own?

There are several reasons why it can be difficult to sell land on your own. The market for raw land is limited and it can often take months or years to sell a land property on your own. Finding bank financing for land is difficult, which means you’ll typically have to find cash buyers for your property. Without spending money on advertising, this is challenging. Many land properties are marketed with owner financing arrangements, meaning the owners must deal with the hassle of collecting monthly payments for years, and only receive a small amount each month.
If you decide to list your property with a real-estate agent or broker, you may be disappointed to find that many brokers don’t commit much of their time or resources towards selling land, as it can be more difficult to sell, and commissions are typically lower.


Are there expenses involved in selling my land?

NO, not with us! There are no listings fees, advertising costs, or other costly hoops to jump through. We make selling land as easy as possible and, best of all, cover all closing costs!
Here is a list of the typical costs you’d expect to pay when selling a property on your own. You can forget about paying any of these. We’ve got them covered!
-Listing Fees
-Advertising Costs
-Photography costs to create a property listing
-Broker Commissions
– Title and Abstracting Fees
-Escrow Fees
-Deed and document prep fees
– Recording Fees
– Transfer Taxes


What if there are back taxes or dues on my property?

Selling your land to us does not require any money out of pocket.
Any back taxes or dues will be negotiated as part of our offer prior to reaching an agreement. In the case that money is owed in back taxes or dues, those amounts can be deducted from the final closing price. In some cases, when the back taxes or dues are minimal, we will cover them in advance to make the process simpler and easier for you. What’s important is you will NEVER have to spend any of your own money to sell your property to us.


What if I don't have a copy of my Deed to the property?

Not a problem! We will prepare a new deed for the purchase of your property and wont need you to provide a copy of your deed. We can acquire most, if not all, of the documents we need from the county offices to complete the purchase, so it wont require much effort on your end at all.


How did you know that I was a private property owner?

We receive all of our information from the county in which your property is located. All private property owners are registered with the county assessor and county recorder. This data is public information and searchable.


How did your company determine their offer price for my property?

Several factors go into our offer price. The location, topography, proximity to roads and to utilities and size of parcel or number of acres are all factors that go into our offer price. Much of the land we purchase is located in very rural locations and the offer price takes this into consideration as well.


What title agency do you use to do the title examination?

We use only nationwide, reputable title companies like First American, Fidelity National, and Ticor Title. We are confident in the work they produce and our customers are usually familiar with these agencies.


What is escrow and how is it handled?

Escrow is the holding of funds and documents by an impartial third party for the other two participants in a business transaction. When the transaction is completed, the escrow agent releases the entrusted property. The escrow companies that do the title examination closely work with the escrow officers. They guarantee you receive your money at the same time we take ownership of the property.


My property is in a bad location with limited access. Still interested?

Absolutely. Difficult to find properties are why we use a reputable, nationwide title company that has a proven track record. They are able to do the research quickly and professionally to facilitate a smooth transaction. We are still interested in your property and look forward to working with you.